Infidel 88

by Médeia Fiai

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„Werden doch sogar nach einer talmudischen Legende die Engel - neue jeden Augenblick in unzähligen Scharen - geschaffen, um, nachdem sie vor Gott ihren Hymnus gesungen, aufzuhören und in Nichts zu vergehen.“

Walter Benjamin (July 15, 1892, Berlin, Germany – September 26, 1940, Portbou, Spain)


released April 12, 2015

All words and music by MÉDEIA FIAI.
Gábor Lanczkor – electric and acoustic guitars, noise samples, keyboards, big wooden instrument (Csórompuszta '14), vocals.
Zoltán Lengyel – vocals, bass, banjo, Portuguese guitar.
Roland Orcsik – percussion, drums, Hungarian zither, Jew’s harp.
Szilárd Szokol – drums, percussion, Ukrainian zither.

INFIDEL 88 was recorded in Studio 11, Subotica, Serbia in December, 2014 and mixed by Vladimir “Grujo” Grubor and MÉDEIA FIAI. Except #4 and #6 which was recorded and mixed by MÉDEIA FIAI.
Cover photo by Gábor Lanczkor, back cover photo by Éva Tanács.
Logo by Jázmin Kelle.


all rights reserved



Médeia Fiai Szeged, Hungary

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Track Name: Come il Duomo di Siena
You are protected. These pompous bastards around you won’t harm you through their self-hatred. Someone is missing from their company. The devil is laughing behind their backs holding tight grip on their hands. Someone is missing from their company. You are laughing behind their backs. You are frozen in your dream. Now the ice is cracking on your face. Feel relaxed to receive them. They will sink in your melting face. Now push them away. Push them away. Push… The sound is like a waterfall keeping your stone face out of reach. Behind your walls this bear is coming for you. This huge fucking bear is coming for you. Within your reason, within your mind you will survive, you will survive.
Track Name: 88 Constellations
88 constellations, 88 in the sky. We will be, we will be the 89th. You speak in clean springs. Your words are caves hiding our names from senseless harm. Our future is coming blown through the hot ground. Now we see our mother is out of tears. Now we see our mother is out of tears. And our future is coming blown through the hot ground. 88 constellations, 88 in the sky. We will be, we will be the 89th. Tell us mother about your wound. Tell us mother about your wound. Before you save us. For you save us with your knife. “Let the grass fade out. Let clean springs dry out. My body is no longer my home. Bring my children home.”
Track Name: Your Kind
Your time is money. My pockets are empty. I lay on the grass with no life within me. I hear them call me, my friends underground. They force my eyes open with their cheerful sound. Sometimes I feel like a mother, like a motherless child. And the land around me turns to be a horse. I hold his neck tight with some Indian hopes. He takes me underground among the forgotten bones. Together we bring above your most fearful foes. Now hear their voice. Sometimes I feel like a mother, like a motherless child. Sometimes I feel like the wind underground. Sometimes I feel like its ground-breaking sound. Sometimes I feel like I kill all of your kind.
Track Name: True Detective
Words: American traditional.
Track Name: Illumination
Our cities glare still. The fire burns still in the forests in Italy, in France and Spain. In Hungary, in Poland and Latvia the trees catch fire on each summer. And I never forget how junipers standing in the reflected light blew up bluntly and burnt into ashes in the descending night. An illumination gathers in you at a certain point in the night when a giant bird flies over the dark river, and you standing on the bridge see a writing on the surface that looks like a strange kind of promise.
Track Name: Pastoral Woodland
Pastoral woodland on a holy hill. I will, I will, I will, I will, I will, I will be wandering there. Hapless and gay.
Track Name: Diana of Juárez
Wait for the bus to come in this hopeless sun you try in vain to escape none of you will remain our women are strong and you you got it all wrong I am the instrument the hand of their revenge I am the gun I am the bullet I crawl into your head until there’s none of you left we need respect we won’t stay quiet now hear our voice you have no choice you think you’re real bad but we use your weakness and now we are in you / otvori / we are in you / zatvori.
Track Name: Shekhina
Her word is from a time to come. The time is the cloak of the sun. She shines for future eyes. Now hear her distant cries. “Your innocence is over. It’s time to speak out your names loud. You’ve already crossed the horizon. The land is no longer your background. I am here to be your shadow. To never leave you in peace. The virgin bride you’re longing for. And the fear that guides you through your dreams.” Her distant cries are transformed into the senseless sighs of a slave. She is a true apostate. Let’s burn her at the stake. Burn her at the stake. Bring her an early grave.
Track Name: For Asja, Portbou, 1940
Dear Asja, these were my last words for you. They are more important than myself. Please keep them safe from harm. I placed all my trust in you. The street you walked into me. Remember I walk like you. I see his black wings covering. His black wings covering me. I wish I had some more time. Now there is no time to lose. The wind comes from the sea. The soldiers come from behind. The losers from no man’s land. And the black wings cover. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IS NOT ENOUGH. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IS NOT ENOUGH. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IS NOT ENOUGH.
Track Name: New Angel is Born
I am tired of climbing. I am tired of bombshells. This is hardly a path anymore. Anymore. My heart is on my tongue. Take my suitcase leather. Take my golden watch. Take my wooden pipe. Take my fake passport. It’s all yours now. Take my ragged photos. Take my cloudy x-ray. Take my spectacles. Take my dearest letters. Contents unknown. Contents unknown. Leave before sunrise. Do not speak a word. Watch your step from now on. And follow my trace. The road is steeper. Spectacular. I gazed wondered at the sea. It is the last vineyard. It is a mirage. There below us is Portbou. Protected from the east wind. And sheltered from Tramuntana. Yet Portbou is nowhere to be found. And I vanish from your sight too. I am your new angel. I am nowhere to be found. Nowhere to be found… The doors are wide open. My eyelids are shut. I feel the hand that guides me out. Your heart was always on my tongue. Please care for me there. Please care for me there. Then lose me there. Lose me there.

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